The JoyFULL Group Launches New International Task Force for
Team Building Training
One Team, One Dream

Las Vegas, NV: The JoyFULL Group today announced a new international task force for team building training. This milestone is a major move for The JoyFULL Group on its mission to create healthy and happy workplace environments for both staff and managers.

“Something truly remarkable happens when three incredibly diverse, amazing individuals come together with one goal,” says Sandi Sinicrope, Master Chef at The JoyFULL Group.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives of the company, including:

• Creating a “True Dream TEAM” of diverse and knowledgeable individuals
• Bridging interpersonal divides to create a truly global community
• Creating a Dream TEAM to raise the level of all client teams

“People matter, conversations matter! Especially important to leaders today is the joyfull engagement of their employees, who are stakeholders, and whose enthusiasm will breed loyal happy customers.” says Dr. Pauline Crawford, Conversationalist and Gender Dynamics Expert at The JoyFULL Group. “While leaders need to ensure profits meet shareholder expectation, the collaborative conversations throughout an organization will bring long-lasting results for all.”

“The trend is now that companies are no longer depending on traditional ways of developing their people,” says Gregg Ketter, Master Facilitator at the JoyFULL Group. “Now it’s about collaborating with a diverse group of skilled professionals to bring exciting training and development into the workplace.”

About The JoyFULL Group: We are an unconventional merger of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have joined together to leverage our talents to cultivate healthy and happy workplace environments through teamwork. We specialize in helping employees develop in two areas — personal growth and professional development — at the same time. Because employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers, we help fuse together the relationship and create the bonds with staff and managers

October 8, 2019