Sandi Sinicrope

Chef Sandi Sinicrope

The J. T. Group, LLC Las Vegas, Nevada Executive Team, President and Founder. Sandra Sinicrope (Sandi) is a Certified WBE through WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) SBA (Small Business Association) and the Nevada’s Governor Office.

Founder of The J.T. Group
Phone: 702-487-6008

Sandra K. Sinicrope is the President and Founder as well as the creative force that brought the Dream Team Together also known as The J.T. Group, dba they are a big part of her corporation, The JoyFULL Foods, Group LLC.

With over forty years of creating dynamic teams from many industries such as culinary, construction and non-profits, she knows how to raise the temperature of your team.

With an education from UCLA and a no-nonsense approach to working with many types of business and the language that they understand, she knows how to successfully bring your team up to the highest level of proficiency, while enjoying the journey.

Sandra has been recognized as the sub-contractor of the year by The Disney Corporation and has received awards and accommodations from mayors and congressman from the two states she has had corporations in, because of her unwillingness to get the job half done.

Sandra is a strong supporter of our Military and the Military Spouse Programs and has installed a Military Spouse Program in her culinary corporation. She also is a trained and certified mentor to the organization Hope for Prisoner’s and is an advocate for fair and reasonable prison terms for juvenile offenders.

Sandra K. Sinicrope is based in Las Vegas Nevada
WBE certified, WBENC, WOSB