The T5 Annual Summit
Executive Leadership Challenge & Retreat
Refresh, Renew, Rediscover, and Relax with Your Peers

Work Hard, Play Hard
If you think you’re too busy to go on a retreat, you absolutely must go on a retreat. We get it — business calls. As an executive you feel obligated to answer that call. But you’re neglecting your company’s most important asset: you. They say it’s lonely at the top, but we disagree. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, so come walk barefoot on a white sandy beach with us. Join us for our annual retreat and learn from world-renowned corporate trainers and executive coaches in paradise. Join other elite professionals for a powerful four-day, three-night weekend of mental conditioning, pampering, and self-discovery. Your company will thank you.

Why T5?
T5 represents the Top 5 percent of intellectuals worldwide. These individuals have used their knowledge, creativity, and business savvy to revolutionize their industries. Discover the life lessons and secrets to success of these brilliant minds. This information will give you the skills to further champion the cause of your organization. The T5 Summit brings together premier executives who can share and compare best practices attained from the world’s most successful and forward-thinking leaders.

Refresh Your Mood
Escape to a private island and stay at an exclusive resort to refocus, refresh, and recommit. Seek authentic experiences, make connections, create memories, and renew your body. Indulge in our 5-star cuisine in a 5-star setting. Saturday night is our team challenge for “Night of The Master Chef.”


Embrace Your Core Objectives
The T5 Summit will focus on discovering, refining, and embracing your contributions to your organization and industry. By the end of this incredible retreat, you’ll walk away with absolute clarity of mind, ready to engage in the process of elevating your company to the next level.