“Cultivating a High-Performance Team”

Take your team’s motivation from zero to 60—and keep it going with this one-day staff motivation program! We’ll teach your employees how to deal with any adversity they may face on the job and instill a desire to embrace internal and external service. Team members discover that by working towards a common goal, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.

This coursework entails setting the right team mind set through:

• Strengthening Verbal and Non-Verbal (Body Language) Communication Skills
• Active Listening vs Empathic Listening
• Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Decreasing Pressure and Unnecessary Stress
• Overcoming the Impact of Negativity Spreading in the Workplace
• Showing How “Teamwork Truly Makes the Dream Work”

During this program your managers will learn essentials of accountability and effective management. This will enable them to immediately implement what they’ve learned when they return to the workplace. As a result, employees will be able to make important decisions that impact your organization.

Taking Accountability – The lesson of choice. In this world 10% is what happens to us, 90% is how we respond to what happens. No matter what the circumstances, we still have the power to choose what we will do about things that happen to us. Your managers will begin a journey from “Dependence to Independence”.

Effective Communication – How we listen and the way we speak to others impacts morale and productivity. Managers will learn “best practices” in communication, how to strengthen their verbal and non-verbal language skills.

Humility – The concept of humility addresses intrinsic self-worth, relationships and socialization, as well as perspective. Managers will learn the capacity to acknowledge the good and strengths of other people and to recognize others’ value and contributions.

Prioritizing Tasks – Teach your managers a new paradigm of effectiveness first, then efficiency; relationships first, then schedules; the compass first (for direction), then the clock (for time management).

Discipline – Your managers will learn how to grow themselves and others through the process of character building, commitment and fairness. This process will mature them to do what is needed – not always what is desired or popular.