Gregg Ketter


Gregg Ketter is an award-winning phenomenon in public speaking, invited to deliver impactful messages to audiences across the globe. He speaks about how you can rethink the way your business does “business as usual,” while waging a war on keynote mediocrity.

Master Facilitator
Phone: 702-487-6008

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Gregg’s career spans multiple industries.

After he was recognized as one of the Top Ten Salespeople for a national consumer electronics retailer and helped open over 25 outlets, Gregg pursued his passion for meteorology.

He was selected as Weather Anchor for Fox News in Los Angeles, where he was an integral part of the Emmy-awarding winning news team for five years.

Gregg is the founder and CEO of Ketter Development International, globally recognized experts on hospitality management and luxury customer service  spanning North America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

He is a master facilitator, inspiration and consummate professional.

Gregg is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.