Dr Pauline Crawford


Dr Pauline Crawford, International Speaker, Changemaker, Gender Dynamics© Expert, Certified Image Consultant, Corporate Culture and Protocols Specialist, Magical Conversations Host, Published Author and Educator. Her passion is people understanding themselves in all things physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

International Speaker
Email: pauline@thejoyfullgroup.com
Phone: 702-487-6008

Working with top teams, boardroom executives and individual career professionals, Dr Crawford specializes in and provides real-life solutions to resolve and transform the many difficult and sensitive conflicts that damage performance and relationships at work.

A graduate of a UK University, she is British, now living in USA Las Vegas with her American husband. She gained her MBA and PhD with the International University of Entreprenology.

Dr Pauline Crawford has 31 years of business experience, 25 years in the UK, 4 years in Malaysia and 2 years in USA working with a wide range of corporate teams and career professionals across the world. She is passionate about people and their potential to collaborate for the best results.

With an excellent track record in the UK, Asia Pacific and now the US, she facilitates lively engagement activities to improve effective communication, team synergy, relationship and performance success for individual men and women working together.

Factoring in the impact of the current era of #metoo, economic pressures and market volatility, she educates her clients with a pioneering navigation tool, The Crawford Gender Dynamics© Map, for collaborative leadership and embeds influential conversations.

Her approach is unique and based on her own successful research and workplace projects and programs over the last 30 years.